Aberdeen City Voice is the name given to a panel of Aberdeen residents who are contacted on a regular basis and asked for their views on a range of issues.

How did Aberdeen City Voice start?

Aberdeen City Council and the Community Planning Partners were funded by the European Commission in 2002 to set up a citizens’ panel in Aberdeen, which was named the ‘City Voice’. The City Voice originally ran for one year (January 2003 – January 2004) as a pilot project. This project was a success and the council and its partners agreed to continue running the City Voice.

Who runs the panel?

The panel is a partnership between Aberdeen City Council, Aberdeen Council of Voluntary Organisations (ACVO), Fire Scotland, Police Scotland, NHS Grampian, and the universities and college. Aberdeen City Council are responsible for managing the process of the City Voice, which involves collating questions from the planning partners, preparing and issuing the questionnaire, preparing and issuing the newsletter. Craigforth undertake the analysis on the responses you provide.

How do you choose who is on the panel?

We have undertaken a couple of random mailshots targeting citizens of Aberdeen based on their home address – this is to ensure we get a good broad section of panellists and that no neighbourhood is over or under represented. However, we do welcome all citizens of Aberdeen to join the panel.

What do panel members do?

Panel members are asked to complete 3 questionnaires a year. This can either be done in hardcopy or online.Panel members that receive their questionnaire in hardcopy receive a freepost envelope to return the survey – so there is no financial cost to the panellist.

Can I be on the panel?

If you live in Aberdeen and are over the age of 16 then YES please join the panel! You can complete the recruitment form here, or phone 01224 523179 and we will send you a paper copy.

Why do you need personal details about me?

We ask for data regarding your gender, age, ethnic group, employment status, and housing status. We ask for this data so that we can analyse the results based on these factors. This allows us to see if certain issues only affect certain age groups, or if it is an issue in a certain area of the city. Your name and address is never sent to Criagforth (who undertake the analysis of the questionnaires), and it is never sent to the community planning partners who submit the question. We hold the data in accordance with the Data Protection Act (1998), and use it for administration purposes only.  We will not disseminate individual responses to the questionnaire to third parties.

How do you store my personal details?

Your name and address is kept on a secure database which is password protected. The hardcopy recruitment forms you submit are kept in a locked cabinet, as a form of backup to the electronic database.

I am an e-panellist – how do you store my questionnaire responses?

We use Survey Monkey questionnaire software. This is an American company which conforms to certain EU data protection requirements – you can find further information here http://help.surveymonkey.com/articles/en_US/kb/I-am-in-Europe-How-do-SurveyMonkey-s-privacy-practices-comply-with-laws-in-the-EU.

We input your email address into Survey Monkey in order to be able to issue you the questionnaire via email. Your responses are then stored in a password protected Survey Monkey file. Survey Monkey do not have any of the personal information you supplied to us (address, gender, ethnicity etc).  We keep the questionnaires that have been submitted for one year. After this the online questionnaires are deleted.

What happens to completed questionnaires (hardcopy and online)?

The data submitted in hardcopy questionnaires are entered in a database, which is sent to Craigforth for analysis. We keep hardcopy questionnaires for one year and then they are destroyed. All the data that has been entered into Survey Monkey is sent to Craigforth for analysis. Hardcopy questionnaires are destroyed immediately while the data entered into Survey Monkey is kept for one year.

How can I find out the results of a questionnaire?

A full report is produced for each questionnaire. A newsletter, which highlights key issues from the report is produced and posted to our paper panellists and a link to the newsletter is emailed to our online panellists. You can also see the latest report and newsletter at your local library and at the Aberdeen City Council Marischal College Customer Service Centre.

Can I read past questionnaires, reports and newsletters?

Yes – you can access all reports, newsletters and questionnaires here.

How do I contact you?

You can contact us by email cityvoice@aberdeencity.gov.uk,

By post:

Aberdeen City Voice
Town House, Broad Street

Aberdeen, AB10 1FY


Or by telephone – 01224 522935.