About Us


The Civic Forum comprises about 34 voting members, currently representing the 24 active Community Councils in the City (1 representative from each) and 10 Communities of Interest (1 representative from each). In practice, any number of representatives from these organisations can attend meetings, but in the event of a vote, only the voting representatives could vote. Meetings of the Forum are held 4 times a year in the Town House, Broad Street, Aberdeen, starting at 7pm. Meetings are open to the public. Members of the Forum are all volunteers.


The Forum is funded annually by Aberdeen Community Planning Partnership. The partners are Aberdeen City Council; NHS Grampian; Police Scotland; Scottish Fire and Rescue Service; and NESTRANS – the Transport Partnership for Aberdeen City and Shire. The amount of funding allocated to the Forum in 2014/15 is £23,600.

Lead Group

The Lead Group of the Civic Forum meets about 8 times a year in the Town House, Broad Street, Aberdeen starting at 7pm. It deals with business in between Forum meetings. The Group comprises 20 members elected by the Forum, comprising 5 members each from Aberdeen North, Central and South and 5 members from the Communities of Interest. Meetings of the Lead Group are not open to the public.