The Local Outcome Improvement Plan 2016-26 for Aberdeen City identifies how Community Planning Aberdeen will tackle the key issues emerging from the Strategic Assessment 2015/16 and ensure Aberdeen is ‘A place where all people can prosper’.  The 10 year plan aims to break the cycle of deprivation which exists for some communities in Aberdeen to create a cycle of prosperity through the delivery of four priorities for partnership working.

  • localoutcomeimplanAberdeen prospers
  • Children are our future
  • People are resilient, included and supported when in need
  • Empowered, resilient and sustainable communities

Our focus is to tackle inequality in these areas at the root causes of low income and health inequality to break the cycle of deprivation, inequality, unemployment, crime, violence and poor health that has existed in some families for generations.

Through the delivery of this Local Outcome Improvement Plan, we will push our joint resource investment toward early intervention and prevention to secure the future of our economy, people and place in all communities.

A fifth priority of Creating a digital place has also been identified, which cuts across all priority areas as a key enabler of innovative and integrated future public services.

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