Aberdeen is fortunate to have an engaged business community who are proud of our city and routinely support a wide variety of causes across the economy. We welcome the further contribution, involvement and partnership of responsible  businesses who share our passion for making Aberdeen a place where all people can prosper.

Our business partners can expect to benefit from this collaboration through: opportunities for workforce development in leadership, collaboration and improvement; networking and access to partner advice and support; and recognition for their contribution to working in Partnership with the public and private sector to make a difference to the lives of people across Aberdeen. 

Cllr Nicoll

Councillor Alexander Nicoll

Chair of Community Planning Aberdeen Board and Leader of Aberdeen City Council

Chief Superintendent MacDonald

Vice Chair of Community Planning Aberdeen Board and Divisional Commander, Police Scotland

How can your business help?

We have broad range of improvement projects up and running or planned for the future to help us achieve our vision.  The business community can bring a fresh pair of eyes to how we might tackle some of our most deep routed issues Get involved

You might be interested in a number of improvement projects which are working towards the achievement of one of our stretch outcomes.  The business community has the opportunity to contribute to thematic discussions about what we can do to improve outcomes. Get involved

There are communities within Aberdeen that experience poorer outcomes in health, income and education due to their socio-economic status.  We have three priority localities, each with a community led partnership, which would benefit from alliance with a supportive business. Get involved