Community Empowerment Group

The Community Empowerment Group maintains an overview of the delivery of the Partnership’s Community Empowerment Strategy and is responsible for the delivery of Stretch Outcome 16 within the strategy. The group provides advice and support to the CPP Board, Management Group and Outcome Improvement Groups on effective approaches to engage and involve communities in the delivery of the LOIP and Locality Plans. It is an important link between the strategic perspective of the CPA Board and the priorities and perspectives of communities across Aberdeen.


Agenda for Next Meeting

The next meeting of the Community Empowerment Group is on Thursday 30th November 2023, 2-4pm

1.Welcome and apologies 

2.Actions from previous meeting – 26 October

3.SO16 Project Exceptions

4.LOIP Refresh: Feedback from community engagement and SO16 final proposals

5.CLD Plan Update

6.My Place Awards

7.Community Gathering Event Playback Report Follow Up

8.Rescheduling of CEG Development Sessions/ Network Meetings 2024

9.Date of Next Meeting – 30 November 2023

Future Meetings

Future Meetings 2023: