Community Empowerment Group

The Community Empowerment Group oversees the new integrated locality planning arrangements to ensure they operate effectively in Aberdeen and maintains an overview of the delivery of the Partnership’s Engagement, Participation and Empowerment Strategy. The group provides advice and support to the CPP Board, Management Group and Outcome Improvement Groups on effective approaches to engage and involve communities in the delivery of the LOIP and Shared Locality Plans. It is an important link between the strategic perspective of the CPA Board and the priorities and perspectives of communities across Aberdeen.



Latest News


Meetings of the group are held on the last Thursday of each month. Select the links below for minutes of previous meetings.

Future Meetings 2022:


30 June

28 July – Community Empowerment Network

26 August

29 September

27 October – Community Empowerment Network

24 November



Agenda for Next Meeting

The next meeting of the Community Empowerment Group is on Thursday 30 July 2022, 2-4pm

1. Welcome and apologies

2. Actions from the meeting on 26 May 


3. Locality Planning 

4. CLD Progress Report June 2022

5. Community Empowerment Strategy

6. July Community Empowerment Network 

7. Date of Next Meeting – 26 August 22