Event Speakers

Maggie Hepburn

Maggie Hepburn is the Vice Chair of the Community Empowerment Group and CEO of ACVO TSI. ACVO is the third sector interface for Aberdeen City. Maggie is passionate about supporting and developing people and third sector organisations to be active in the community.

Michelle Cochlan

Michelle Cochlan is Chair of the Community Empowerment Group and the Community Planning Manager at Aberdeen City Council. Michelle is responsible for supporting the Community Planning Aberdeen Partnership to plan and deliver improved outcomes for and with people and communities across the City.

Elaine Sinclair

Elaine Sinclair is the Community and Regional Engagement Officer at the University of Aberdeen. Elaine works to strengthen the University’s civic contribution to local communities, the City and the wider region, helping to harness the University’s expertise and capacity and to strengthen and build partnership working for the benefit of the north east of Scotland as a whole.

Lauren Mackie

Lauren Mackie is the Public Health Coordinator at Aberdeen City Health and Social Care Partnership

Paul Tytler

Paul Tytler, one of the Locality Inclusion Managers with Aberdeen City, currently supporting all three priority neighbourhoods and localities across  the city, also developing our work on poverty and equalities.

Fiona Mann

Fiona Mann is the Emergency Plan, Resilience and Civic Lead at Aberdeen City Council.

Andrew Davidson

Andrew is the Communications Officer at ACVO. He is responsible for updating ACVO comms channels to promote the work of the team and all the amazing achievements of third sector organisations, and those who work within them, in Aberdeen.

Claire Shaw

Claire Shaw is the Funding Officer at ACVO. She provides organisations with fundraising and business planning support, including identifying potential funding opportunities and helping with funding applications.  She is also committed to building strong relationships with funders and ceasing opportunities to collaborate and facilitate partnership working across the third sector that effectively responds to the needs of people and communities within the city.

Jonathan Smith

Jonathan Smith is the Chair of the Aberdeen Civic Forum and Community Council Forum. A visionary civic leader for Aberdeen, Jonathan helps ensure the views, priorities and issues of communities from across the City are taken forward to shape strategies, services, policies and decisions which most benefit the City’s communities.