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Click below to register for our next network event which will be held on the 28 April from 6-8pm via Zoom and is open to all community organisations. The event will be a follow up from the initial introduction for community groups to Community Planning Aberdeen and the Community Empowerment Group. This time we will delve deeper into some of the opportunities for us to work closer together.

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We are extremely fortunate in Aberdeen to have so many community groups making a vital contribution to the City’s people, place and economy. The outbreak of COVID-19 shone a light on the essential work that they do to support people across the City and in most neighbourhoods. Community groups are led by local people, serving those on their doorsteps. The work they do is invaluable and their activity complements the work of statutory public services and third sector organisations working in Aberdeen. 

Community Planning Aberdeen (CPA) is a strategic partnership of public, private and third sector organisations in the City, working to deliver the Aberdeen City Local Outcome Improvement Plan. Our vision is of Aberdeen as ‘a place where all people can prosper’, regardless of their background or circumstances. The CPA’s Community Empowerment Group is reaching out to community groups who share our aspirations for making life better for people, families and communities to join us. 

The Community Empowerment Network is a forum for community groups and organisations to connect with each other and with members of the Community Empowerment Group to stay informed and develop further opportunities for public services, third sector organisations and community groups to work together.

ALL community groups and organisations are welcome! You can sign up for community updates, explore our website and register for the next network event to find out more. 


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