Community Justice

‘Community Justice’ is all about tackling the causes of offending and supporting people who have committed crimes to move away from offending.  For further information, or to make any comments about any aspect of the Justice System in Aberdeen, please email


A new model for Community Justice came into effect in Scotland from 1st April 2017. This is underpinned by the Community Justice (Scotland) Act 2016.  Responsibility for local strategic planning and delivery of community justice services transferred to ‘community justice partners’, as identified in the Act. ‘Community Justice Scotland’, a national body corporate, was also established.

In July 2017 the Scottish Government published its revised overall strategy: Justice in Scotland: Vision and Priorities.

Separate national publications are available in relation to Community Justice:

Community Justice Partners

The statutory Community Justice Partners in Aberdeen are

ACVO, Aberdeen’s Third Sector Interface, is also a key partner representing third sector organisations involved in Community Justice. ACVO facilitates a Community Justice Forum for those organisations and has a dedicated Community Justice page on its website.

Improving Community Justice Outcomes in Aberdeen

Partners and stakeholders in Aberdeen have developed priorities to improve community justice outcomes. These form part of Community Planning Aberdeen’s Local Outcomes Improvement Plan. A ‘Community-Facing’ version of the Community Justice Outcomes Improvement Delivery Plan is also available. An, which informed the CJ Outcomes, was refreshed in September 2018.

Community Justice Updates

Regular updates about Community Justice in Aberdeen are circulated to a wide range of partners and stakeholders. The updates can be found below:

March 2018

December 2017

September 2017

June 2017
March 2017
December 2016
September 2016

June 2016

March 2016

December 2015

Community Justice Meetings

The dates of meetings and previous minutes are below:

30 May 2018

Final Minute – CJ Group – 28.3.18

Final Minute – Community Justice Group – 24.1.18



10 March 2017