Community Planning Aberdeen Board

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Set the strategic vision for Community Planning Aberdeen to improve outcomes for individuals, families and communities with a view to reducing inequalities of outcome which result from socio-economic disadvantage and taking consideration the national outcomes established by the Scottish Government
  • Prepare and publish a Local Outcome Improvement Plan which sets out how the Partnership will achieve its vision by working together with partners and communities citywide and ensure it is delivered.
  • Ensure people and communities are effectively engaged in the decisions made on public services that affect them in Aberdeen through the implementation of the CPA Engagement, Participation and Empowerment Strategy.


  • Council Leader
  • 3 Aberdeen City Council Councillors
  • Chair of the Aberdeen Health and Social Care Partnership
  • Chair of ACVO
  • Chair of Aberdeen Civic Forum
  • Regional Chair of North East College
  • Chief Executive of ACC
  • Chief Executive of NHS Grampian
  • Director of Public Health – NHS Grampian
  • Senior Police Scotland representative – Chief Superintendent
  • Senior Scottish Fire and Rescue Service representative
  • Senior Skills Development Scotland representative
  • Chair of Active Aberdeen Partnership
  • Scottish Government Location Director (non-voting)

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