Covid-19 Impact


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Economic Impact

This tool summarises the publically available data relating to the current economic impact of Covid-19. It shows, at a Scottish local authority level, the current uptake of government support including; The Coronovarius Job Retention Scheme - Employments Furloughed The Self-Employment Income Support Scheme (SEISS) - Second Grant Unemployment benefit claims The COVID Business Support Grant Fund This will be of interest to local authorities and other partners in understanding the economic impact in their local area and how this compares to other areas. Data will be updated as it becomes available. The tool can be navigated by clicking the headers at the top of the page

Wider Impact

The COVID-19 pandemic has wider impacts on individuals’ health, and their use of healthcare services, than those that occur as the direct result of infection. Reasons for this may include: Individuals being reluctant to use health services because they do not want to burden the NHS or are anxious about the risk of infection. The health service delaying preventative and non-urgent care such as some screening services and planned surgery. Other indirect effects of interventions to control COVID-19, such as changes to employment and income, changes in access to education, social isolation, family violence and abuse, changes in the accessibility and use of food, alcohol, drugs and gambling, or changes in physical activity and transport pattern.
More detailed background information on these potential impacts is provided by the Scottish Public Health Observatory in a section on Covid-19 wider impacts . This information tool provides an overview of changes in health and use of healthcare during the COVID-19 pandemic in Scotland, drawing on a range of national data sources.