The Covid-19 pandemic posed an unprecedented challenge for businesses in Aberdeen and indeed across the world. In those crucial early weeks when the pandemic took hold and lockdowns came into effect, the protection of employees, jobs, financial liquidity and in some cases survival was all consuming for many businesses. However, during this same period, many companies also sprang into action to assist the public response to the pandemic. 

Our first Aberdeen Responsible Business event held in October 2020 aimed to build on the rapidly-activated partnerships emerging between industry, public services and the third sector. An invitation was made to responsible businesses to pledge their support to working with Community Planning Aberdeen (CPA), the strategic partnership for public services in the City, and continue to work together with public, private and the third sector to improve outcomes for people and communities.

Alan Thornburrow,
Director, Business in the Community

A year later, this follow up event showcases the fantastic work being carried out by some of our socially responsible business partners.  You will hear from a wide range of business leaders from across the City, striving to improve outcomes for the people, place and economy of Aberdeen.

Join us to learn more about how you can work in partnership with Community Planning Aberdeen (CPA) to achieve shared priorities such as just transition to net zero, upskilling the future workforce, supporting the longer term recovery of the City and making a difference for local people and communities. These very real opportunities to work together will be brought to life by our responsible business partners as they share what they are doing right now and what you can do too. You will also hear about the benefits of working with CPA for you and your organisation and how this work will complement and strengthen your existing Corporate Social Responsibility strategies.