Domestic Abuse

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If you believe there is an immediate risk of harm to someone, or it is an emergency, you should always call 999.

Silent Call For Help (if dialling from a mobile phone) – Dial 999 then 55 – if you are in an emergency when you cannot openly speak or verbally ask for help or give emergency details. After typing 55, you should try and cough, tap the handset or whisper to communicate on an emergency call if possible.  Follow link for more information.

Additional Resources

For easy-read information about Domestic Abuse please click here. For easy-read information about Coercive and Controlling Behaviour please click here.

Accessing information online may feel like the best option for you at this time. If you do access any information online, you may need to delete your browser history or use ‘private browsing’ as a way to hide your searches. Find out more via the links below.

Key Information – Translations – click on links below

(For English version click here)


BSL (British Sign Language) – Short Version here




Mandarin (Simplified Chinese)





Womens Aid have published a number of safety & support resources for people in danger of or suffering from domestic violence during the pandemic (British Sign Language, French, Punjabi, Polish, Bengali, Urdu, Arabic, Gujarati, Chinese (Traditional/Simplified), Spanish, Turkish, Farsi, Kurdish (Sorani), Welsh) – click here to access.


To sign up for multi agency training developed by the CPC (in conjunction with their Domestic Abuse Guidance), which is aimed at raising awareness of domestic abuse and child protection among front line workers working with children and young people, please click here.

To access Guidance aimed at staff working in front-line services, please click here.