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The vision within our Local Outcome Improvement Plan is for Aberdeen being a place where all people can prosper, regardless of their circumstances. We have 75 improvement aims to help us achieve that vision. Find out about some of our prosperous adult projects; their achievements and the impact on our communities from the case studies below. Visit our improvement project dashboard for further detail on all of our live prosperous adults projects.


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Improvement Project Dashboard

10.1 Reducing reoffending: Providing Support on Release From Prison

10.3 Reducing Wilful Fires in Torry & Ferryhill

10.6 Increase by 15% the victims of domestic abuse receiving support by 2022

12.7 Increase opportunities for individuals who have been at risk of Blood Borne Viruses (BBVs), being tested and accessing treatment

11.1 Suicide Prevention: Improving Awareness of Supports & How We Can All Make a Difference

12.6 Reducing Drug Related Deaths: A Spotlight on Increasing Distribution of Naloxone

25% fewer people receiving a first ever Court conviction and 2% fewer people reconvicted within one year by 2026
Healthy life expectancy (time lived in good health) is five years longer by 2026.
Rate of harmful levels of alcohol consumption reduced by 4% and drug related deaths lower than Scotland by 2026