CPA Improvement Projects


The refreshed Aberdeen City Local Outcome Improvement Plan (LOIP) was approved by Community Planning Aberdeen Board on 26 Feb 2019. It introduces 15 Stretch Outcomes to be delivered by 2026 and 125 shorter term improvement projects, the majority of which aim to be delivered by 2021.  On 1 May 2019, the CPA Board agreed to take a phased approach to the initiation of the LOIP improvement projects over the next three years and approved the CPA Improvement Programme 2019-21. 

See below Improvement Project Charters for the projects which have started.  The charters provide a high level overview of the changes we will test as part of these projects to achieve our improvement aims. The Improvement Programme Update Report gives you the latest information on live projects.

Project Charters

S01: 10% increase in employment across priority and volume growth sectors by 2026.

No current projects

SO 3: 95% of children (0-5 years) will reach their expected developmental milestones by the time of their child
health reviews by 2026 

Increase the number of families who request additional support and receive an offer of an appropriate service within 30 days of receipt of the Child’s Plan, to 80% by 2021 

SO4: 90% of children and young people will
report that they feel entally well by 2026.

No current projects

SO5: 95% of care experienced children and young people will have the same levels of attainment in education, emotional
wellbeing, and positive destinations as their peers by 2026.

5.1 Increase the number of care experienced young people accessing a positive and sustained destination by 25% by 2022

5.2 Increase in the number of inhouse foster and kinship placements by 2021

SO7: Child Friendly City which supports all children to prosper and engage actively with their communities by 2026.

Projects in development

SO8: 25% fewer young people (under 18) charged with an offence by 2026.

No current projects

SO12: Rate of harmful levels of alcohol consumption reduced by 4% and drug related deaths lower than Scotland by 2026.

No current projects

S014: Addressing climate change by reducing Aberdeen’s carbon emissions by 42.5% by 2026 by 2026 and adapting to the impacts of our changing climate.

14.1 Community led resilience plans in place for areas most vulnerable to flooding by 2021.

SO15: 38% of people walking and 5% of people cycling as main mode of travel by 2026.

No current projects