Innovate and Improve

The Innovate and Improve Programme aims to build improvement knowledge and capacity of staff at all levels across the Community Planning Partnership. The programme ensures a coordinated approach is taken to support colleagues and communities across Community Planning Aberdeen in the sharing of knowledge, skills and expertise to use improvement methodology and other improvement tools.  This support is critical to the delivery of the Local Outcome Improvement Plan 2016-26 and Locality Plans 2017-27.

People are at the heart of our improvement journey and it is through them that real change is achieved.  The Innovate and Improve Programme is intended to offer an effective platform for staff and communities across the partnership to tackle the challenges ahead by growing capacity for change and improvement.

On these pages you can find details of the workshops and sessions being held across the Partnership, and details of how to book them. They are divided into categories, and you can find the details of these in their respective pages:


Model for Improvement

The learning events offered under this category are designed to provide training, guidance and support to staff across Community Planning Aberdeen to use the Institute of Health Improvement (IHI) Model for Improvement to help deliver the improvement aims within the Aberdeen City Local Outcome Improvement Plan and Locality Plans.   This model has been adopted by the Scottish Government for public service reform and is widely used across Scotland to make improvements in health and early years services.

Working with communities

The events offered under this category are designed to assist staff with engaging communities. The courses offer ways to help facilitate the use of the Place Standard to how to plan successful engagement with communities.


These sessions will encourage staff across the partnership to use tools to help facilitate creative thinking and how it may be applied in a variety of situations.

Human side of change

Change is inevitable when implementing improvements to areas, and the workshop currently offered under this category helps support staff manage the reaction that these changes can bring.

You can also find useful learning tools and resources to support you and your team’s improvement journey. If you have any feedback on the events or resources, please email us at