Online Resources

NHS Education for Scotland has created online eLearning module  to support learning around Quality Improvement.  To access these modules, you need to register on the digital platform Turas Learn here.  

Once registered, we would recommend that you access the modules in the following order:

  • Understanding your system
  • Developing your aims and change ideas
  • Measurement for improvement
  • Testing your change ideas
  • Implementation and Spread

There are some other online resources which can help provide further information about Quality Improvement.

This video from the Children and Young People Improvement Collaborative learning session held in November 2019 explains how the Quality Improvement approach is being used across Scotland to support improved outcomes for children and families. 

NHS Improvement have developed guides about use of data.  These were developed for colleagues working in healthcare and are free for all Community Planning Partners to access and use.  

NHS Improvement – Making Data Count

The YouTube video below provides a fun introduction to Quality Improvement and The Model for Improvement.