LOIP Project Leads - Next steps and how you make the connections with our communities ideas for improvement

Connecting with Community Ideas for Improvement in the Locality Plans

The refreshed Local Outcome Improvement Plan 2016-2026 and Locality Plans for North, South and Central were approved on 7 July. The LOIP is complemented and underpinned by three Locality Plans for NorthSouth and Central areas of the City. These describe the Partnership’s asset based approach to working with communities to harness the skills, knowledge, experience and ideas of communities in tackling priority issues. 

49 of the 75 LOIP improvement projects have community ideas for improvement aligned to them. 

As a Project Lead, we need you to review the CPA Improvement Programme 2021-23 which will be considered by the CPA Board in September 2021 and identify if your project is one of 49 that has community ideas for improvement from our Locality Plans. If you do, we have the process below for you to follow and new project charter and project update templates for you to make the connections with communities and also demonstrate the outcome of your connection with the community and to show how the community ideas being taken forward are progressing. 

Next Steps for New and Continuing LOIP Projects

Are you Leading a new or continuing LOIP project and wondering what the next steps for you to take are? If yes, use the checklists below to see the stages for you to take. The checklists includes links to the resources you need and the dates and deadlines.

Process for Project Leads Leading Continuing/ New LO​​​​​​​IP Projects with community ideas for improvement in Locality Plans

If you’ve reviewed the CPA Improvement Programme and identified that your project has community ideas for improvement from our Locality Plans aligned to it, we need you to follow the process below ​​​​​​​

What are the options open to communities for Involvement in LOIP Projects?

Once you’ve completed the Connecting with Localities Form, our Locality Leads will discuss with communities will discuss how they want to get involved. This involvement could be a number of ways, and will be determined by the communities. Some of the options are:

Have you questions on the process? Don't worry we have further information and briefing sessions below for you!

How do I make the Connection with Communities?

Complete the Connecting with Localities Form

As a Project Lead complete the Form to make the connections with the community ideas for change aligned to your project. 

If your project has no community ideas for improvement aligned to it, but you want to discuss your project and get input from our Localities then also use this form. 

What is a Community Connector?

A Community Connector can be identified by the Locality Empowerment Group/Priority Neighbourhood Partnership to represent the community and be involved in the shaping, planning and testing of community ideas aligned to your project.

A Community Connector will:

    • Complete training 
    • Agree with LEG/ PNP chair how they wish to be involved with your LOIP project 
    • Further explore and define community ideas to understand the exact change proposed, if there is anything already in place and if it is effective
    • Provide feedback on tests of change they are involved in to you and/or LEG/PNP
How do I Report the Outcome of the Community Connection and Progress with Community Ideas for Change?

Use our new Project Charter and Update Templates

Our project charter and update reports, have been updated to ensure that projects are making the connections with community ideas for improvement from the Locality Plans, and also to enable you to reflect the outcome of two way dialogue with communities on the ideas for improvement and confirm the status of the idea. Progress with community ideas will be provided via the revised project update report which you complete for report to your OIG, Management Group, Board and published online for your Locality Empowerment Groups/Priority Neighbourhood Partnerships and the public at large. 

Please use the new templates and help sheets below. The help sheets and resources will help you with the various stages of your improvement journey and are on our Community Planning Aberdeen website.

You’ll find:

​​​​​​​Want to hear more about How to Make the Connections with Localities?

Attend the Connecting with Localities Briefing Sessions

If you want to hear more on how to make the connections, or have questions on the process email CommunityPlanning@aberdeencity.gov.uk 

If I'm a continuing project do I continue to progress and complete project update reports whilst I'm making the connection with Localities?


Continue to progress your change ideas using the project update template to show your progress to the OIG and Management Group. Submit your revised charter to your OIG showing the outcome of the community connection as per the dates in the Improvement Programme.

See below for ways for you to connect with the Community Planning Team and Improvement Community to support you in taking forward your project.

Virtual Model for Improvement Bootcamps

Are you leading, or involved in, improvement activity? Have you a desire to improve services? If yes, our virtual bootcamps are for you! Over the 2 sessions we will introduce you to the Model for Improvement and provide you with tools, skills and resources that can be used on a wide range of projects.

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Quality Improvement Monthly Project Surgeries

    • Are you working on an improvement project?  Would you like to get some support and/or advice with this? Come along to the QI Project Surgery sessions for the opportunity to connect with others who are involved in improvement and those who have completed Quality Improvement learning programmes. 
    • We’re holding monthly project surgeries for you. 

Online Improvement Community 

Join our improvement community team site to support the crucial and central role you play in helping to lead and embed improvements within our communities. We know that for you this will be an ongoing journey of learning and refinement as you realise these improvements. We would like to invite you to ‘work out loud’ in sharing best and good practices and to actively engage in the sharing and review of our practices and reporting and to play an active part in sharing your expertise, your experience and your thinking with the improvement community.