Our Priority Neighbourhoods

Locality Planning is a statutory requirement of the Community Empowerment Act.  It requires Community Planning Aberdeen (CPA) to identify areas, with a maximum population size of 30,000 residents, where people experience significantly poorer outcomes than other people across the city and Scotland as a result of socio-economic disadvantage. Community Planning Aberdeen has identified the following priority neighbourhoods in Aberdeen. They are:

For each of these localities a locality plan must be developed setting out what the priority outcomes for improvement within the locality are. They must also detail how, by when and what difference they will make for local residents over ten years. These plans underpin the City Wide Local Outcome Improvement Plan (LOIP).

Neighbourhood Plans were developed with these communities in February and March 2017 after a number of engagement events.  Locality Partnerships Boards were established in April 2017 to oversee the ongoing development and delivery of the Locality Plans 2017-27. The first full Annual Outcome Improvement Reports against each Locality Plan were produced in 2018.

In December 2020 Community Planning Aberdeen identified a further four priority neighbourhoods: Kincorth, Ashgrove, Stockethill and George Street. These will be served by the new North, South and Central Locality Empowerment Groups and Locality Plans.