Research and Evidence

The following websites allow you to search a wide range of research and evidence on the wider social, economic and environmental determinants of health. Access to evidence based recommendations developed by professionals across the Community Planning Partnership to help with the identification of innovative ideas which can be tested locally.

NICE Evidence Search

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) evidence search finds selected, authoritative evidence in health, social care and public health (e.g. 'Employment programmes and interventions targeting adults with autism spectrum disorder').

Evidence Synthesis

Bring together topic specific data, and a description of data sources, with the latest published evidence (e.g. Effectiveness of community-based interventions to enable people with long-term conditions and/or frailty to participate in activities of daily living: an Evidence Synthesis Report).

Health Improvement Network (HI-Net)

An online information and sharing base aimed at professionals in the Grampian area of North East Scotland. The site is relevant for any professional whose job involves an aspect of health improvement.

Health Matters: Public Health Issues

Facts, resources and information on major public health issues (e.g.Reduced bus emissions and improved air quality in Brighton & Hove).

National Institute for Health Research

Working in partnership with NHS, universities, local government, other researchers, patients and the public to enable world class research (e.g. 'Diet replacement programmes could be an effective NHS treatment option for obesity').

Evidently Cochrane

Cochrane Reviews are systematic reviews which search for and summarise studies that answer a specific research question (e.g. What helps women to quit smoking while pregnant?).

What Works Scotland

What (e.g. What works in economic regeneration?)

What Works Centre for Local Economic Growth

Analyses and develops robust evidence for local enonomic policy (e.g. 'Six steps to better evidenced based policy design for authorities having to do more with less).

Centre for Youth & Criminal Justice

Health information, health intelligence, statistical services and advice (e.g. 'Comic supports young people dealing with bereavement).

Centre for Justice Innovation

National indicators give a measure of national wellbeing. They include a range of economic, social and environmental indicators.(e.g. 'Family drug and alcohol courts are a problem solving court approach which improve outcomes for children involved in care proceedings'.

Children & Young People's Commissioner Scotland

The Commissioner's office is actively involved in research that relates to the rights of children and young people and how the Commissioner can make a difference (E.g. Children as human rights defenders: defending children's rights in Scotland).

Imagining Aberdeen: Imagineers

Our imagineers imagine what we can do or change so that Aberdeen can be a city where children are healthy, happy and safe. (e.g. the Imagineers Investigate Magazine sets out the findings of the children's investigations on issues such as mental health, drugs and alcohol, and bullying).