The Strategic Assessment for Aberdeen City was conducted during 2015/16 to help the Community Planning Partnership understand the key issues for the people who invest, live and visit Aberdeen.

The detailed document presents a wealth of information on past, present and projected performance in a number key indicators.  This has helped the Community Planning Partnership to understand the big issues facing the City and what role it can play going forward to help achieve better outcomes for our communities.

The key findings of the full strategic assessment are summarised within our Aberdeen City Dashboard 2015/16 which provides a quick overview of the big issues facing the City.  These findings are presented under the following themes:

Economy – central to ensuring a high standard of living for the people of Aberdeen

Place – how people experience Aberdeen as a place to invest, live and visit

People – a high level look at the key life outcomes of the people of Aberdeen

Technology – the foundation for innovative, integrated and transformed public services

One of the requirements of The Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015 is for Community Planning Partnerships to produce “locality plans” which look, in greater detail, at areas experiencing particular disadvantage.  The Aberdeen City Strategic Assessment identifies 9 priority neighbourhoods within the city, and Community Planning Aberdeen has endorsed a model of 3 identified localities that cover these 9 neighbourhoods.

In order to better understand issues affecting these communities, strategic assessments – including user-friendly versions – have been produced for each locality.  The Strategic Assessments aim to provide a comprehensive picture of past and present performance in priority themes, and seeks to identify opportunities for partner agencies and communities to work together to improve life outcomes for people in those neighbourhoods.  These can be accessed here;

Locality 1 – Torry
Strategic Assessment 2016

Locality 2 – Cummings Park, Heathryfold, Mastrick, Middlefield & Northfield
Strategic Assessment 2016

Locality 3 – Tillydrone, Seaton & Woodside
Strategic Assessment 2016


Tell us what you think!

We have published these documents online so that the public is clear on what information and evidence the Community Planning Partnership is using to make decisions about how we will work together more effectively to help the communities of Aberdeen City.  They are intended to help stakeholders across all sectors in the evaluation of the priority issues for Aberdeen and to ignite ideas for innovative and creative solutions that we can take forward together.

We are keen to hear your views on the following:

How useful do you find these documents in understanding the issues for Aberdeen City?
What can we do to improve these documents as an effective resource for the future?
How will you be using these documents and to what end?
What are your ideas for how we can tackle the issues we face together?

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