taking stock
11 September 2018

Welcome to the event page for the Community Planning Aberdeen ‘Taking Stock’ event that is taking place at the Beach Ballroom on Tuesday 11 September 2018. The event starts from 8.45am. Below you you will find the programme, details of the workshops, pre-reading and other information for the day.

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This important event brings colleagues from across Community Planning Aberdeen together to take stock of the progress that the Partnership has made over the last two years in delivery of the Local Outcome Improvement Plan 2016-26.  Using data, customer insight and professional judgement, we will explore whether our improvement efforts have been targeted on the right issues.  We will decide what action we need to take now to ensure we are on track to achieve our improvement ambitions for Aberdeen by 2026.

You can find the programme here

The workshops will kick off with a presentation from the Chairs of the lead Outcome Improvement Group and Locality Managers to stimulate thinking and generate discussion.  Facilitators will help the groups arrive at a decision about the priority areas for genuine partnership working going forward.  Having agreed the areas we need to focus on, we will go through the process of breaking down these ambitions for transformational improvement into specific improvement aims that we are committed to achieving using improvement methodology.   We will practice the discipline of creating a theory of change which we will visualise using driver diagrams and assess how our current improvement projects link to these.

How to prepare

To prepare for these sessions, delegates are asked to review in advance the Evidence Matrices which have been prepared to summarise the key findings from the Population Needs Assessment 2018 and Annual Outcome Improvement Report 2017/18.  Also consider our current portfolio of improvement projects and whether these tackle our most ambitious improvement aims.  

Evidence Matrices 

Current Improvement Projects

See below.

The event will be held in the Main Ballroom at the Beach Ballroom. There is free parking available along the beachfront. Please contact if you have any queries. 

If you have any queries or would like further information please email Elsie Manners, Community Planning Development Officer.

Event Speakers