Improvement Projects

The refreshed Aberdeen City Local Outcome Improvement Plan (LOIP) was approved by Community Planning Aberdeen Board on 7 July 2021. It introduces 15 Stretch Outcomes to be delivered by 2026 and 75 shorter term improvement projects, the majority of which aim to be delivered by 2021.  On 15 September 2021, the CPA Board approved the revised Improvement Programme 2021-23  which sets out the timescales for both initiation of the new aims within the refreshed LOIP, as well as the timescales for the continuing project charters being reviewed, over the next two years up until 2023.

To view the current status and plans for our improvement projects use our Improvement Programme Dashboard below. The dashboard is split up into 15 Stretch Outcomes in the LOIP.  Click on the chart to take you to the dashboard for that Stretch Outcome. Here you will find the current status of our live improvement projects, with latest data towards the aim provided, where possible, as well as a link to the approved charters which provides a high level overview of the changes we will test as part of these projects to achieve our improvement aims and the project updates which gives you the latest information on live projects. 

We want to provide you with the best browsing experience, here’s a short guide so you can get the most out of our Dashboard.

No one will suffer due to poverty by 2026
400 unemployed Aberdeen City residents supported into Fair Work by 2026.
500 Aberdeen City residents upskilled/ reskilled to enable them to move into, within and between economic opportunities as they arise by 2026.
95% of children (0-5 years) will reach their expected developmental milestones by the time of their child health reviews by 2026.
90% of Children and young people will report that their experiences of mental health and wellbeing have been listened to by 2026. This is reflected in interactions, activities, supports and services.
As corporate parents we will ensure 95% of care experienced children and young people will have the same levels of attainment in education, health and emotional wellbeing, and positive destinations as their peers by 2026.
95% of children living in our priority neighbourhoods will sustain a positive destination upon leaving school by 2026.
Child friendly city where all decisions which impact on children and young people are informed by them by 2026.
Stretch Outcome 9: 30% fewer young people (under 18) charged with an offence by 2026.
25% fewer people receiving a first ever Court conviction and 2% fewer people reconvicted within one year by 2026
Healthy life expectancy (time lived in good health) is five years longer by 2026.
Rate of harmful levels of alcohol consumption reduced by 4% and drug related deaths lower than Scotland by 2026
Addressing climate change by reducing Aberdeen's carbon emissions by 61% by 2026 and adapting to the impacts of our changing climate.
Increase sustainable travel: 38% of people walking and 5% of people cycling as main mode of travel by 2026.
Addressing the nature crisis by protecting/ managing 26% of Aberdeen’s area for nature by 2026.