Refreshed Aberdeen City Local Outcome Improvement Plan 2016-2026 and Locality Plans for North, South and Central Approved!

The  refreshed Local Outcome Improvement Plan (LOIP) and Locality Plans for NorthSouth and Central have now been approved. Read the LOIP refresh here and watch our refresh video 


Community Planning Aberdeen (CPA) is the strategic partnership for public services in the City, working to deliver the Aberdeen City Local Outcome Improvement Plan. The LOIP was first published in August 2016 and is refreshed every two years to ensure it reflects current circumstances and that the Partnership remains focussed on the priority issues for the City to achieve the vision of Aberdeen as ‘a place where all people can prosper’. 

Following an extensive development process,  which started with the revised Aberdeen City Population Needs Assessment (PNA) for 2021 the CPA Board on 7 July 2021 approved the refreshed LOIP. 

A place where all people can prosper“– remains our collective vision for Aberdeen. Regardless of their background or circumstance, everyone in our great city should enjoy the same opportunities to flourish as an individual. The Local Outcome Improvement Plan (LOIP) sets out the means for achieving this. 

Integrated Locality Plans: North, South & Central

The LOIP is complemented and underpinned by three Locality Plans for North, South and Central areas of the City. These describe the Partnership’s asset based approach to working with communities to harness the skills, knowledge, experience and ideas of communities in tackling priority issues. 

What Our Citizens Have Said Is Important to Them

As well as the data, hearing from our Localities as to what is important to them has been a key part of the refresh process. To ensure our communities are heard, thematic sessions have been held with our Locality Empowerment Group and Community Planning Aberdeen launched an online simulator to enable citizens to express what is important and of value to them and for their community and this was open from 1-30 March 2021. The outcomes from both are being used by the Partnership to inform the development of the refreshed LOIP and Locality Plans to be considered by the CPA Board on 7 July 2021. Once the LOIP refresh and Locality plans are approved opportunities for citizens to participate in the Partnership’s improvement activity both city wide and at a locality level will be promoted.

Online Public Values Simulator Summary Results

The simulator asked citizens to prioritise improvement activity which they thought would make greatest difference for people and communities across the City to help CPA understand what was important to them. 2642 people completed the simulator. The summary report shows the main findings and key themes raised, with the full analysis available in the full detailed results report, and the full data set also accessible at the simulator results dashboard

What Respondents Ranked Highest and Lowest
Summary Report
Full Report
Simulator Results Dashboard

Online Thematic Stakeholder Sessions

As well as using the data from the Population Needs Assessment, emerging priorities from the Locality Empowerment Groups and public values simulator, to develop proposals for the LOIP refresh. Starting on 20 April 2021, we held four thematic stakeholder sessions to bring together Community Planning Aberdeen members to hear the proposals from the Groups and to discuss whether the proposed improvement aims are being targeted on the right issues and the action we need to take not and to ensure the delivery of our ambitions by 2026. The sessions provided further opportunity for Community Planning members to shape our priorities. 

Please see the presentations and notes for each of the sessions below. 

Population Needs Assessment

The LOIP refresh process started with the development of the revised Aberdeen City Population Needs Assessment (PNA) for 2021 which provides an updated evidence base for the LOIP. It provides an important sense check to ensure that our priorities for improvement are focussed on what our communities need. The PNA Executive Summary highlights the key findings by Economy, People and Place.