Our Structure

The CPA Board provides strategic leadership and direction for Community Planning across Aberdeen. It will scrutinise overall delivery of progress against this Local Outcome Improvement Plan (LOIP) and the underpinning Locality Plans to ensure improved outcomes across all areas of Aberdeen.

The CPA Management Group is accountable to the CPA Board and oversees the delivery of progress by our seven themed Outcome Improvement Groups. These groups facilitate effective joint working across Community Planning partners and with communities to ensure delivery of the LOIP and locality plans remain on track, and to advise the CPA Board of any additional action required to overcome barriers.

Locality Empowerment Groups support the development and delivery of integrated Locality Plans to deliver improved outcomes for people and communities across the locality to meet local need and capitalise local opportunities.

Priority Neighbourhood Partnerships will ensure that North, South and Central Locality Plans include a specific and targeted plan for Aberdeen’s current priority neighbourhoods. They will complement the Locality Empowerment Groups by taking a lead on tackling the issues unique to their neighbourhood which contributes to improvement across the wider Locality.