The Power of the Collective

There is an opportunity for the business community to contribute corporate social responsibility efforts towards lasting, transformational change by working with Community Planning Aberdeen to deliver the City’s Local Outcome Improvement Plan (LOIP).  Community Planning is about how organisations work together, and with communities, to design and deliver services which improve people’s lives.  Community Planning Aberdeen (CPA) is the name given to a Partnership of organisations that come together to take part in community planning in Aberdeen. CPA sees the public, private and third sector working together with community groups to achieve the shared vision of Aberdeen as ‘a place where all people can prosper’.   In partnership with Business in the Community (BITC), we are reaching out to responsible businesses across Aberdeen who share our aspirations for better outcomes for people, families and communities, to join us in our mission.

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What are the benefits for you?

Being recognised as a socially responsible organisation has never been more important. People are becoming increasingly influenced by environmental and ethical considerations when making decisions such as where to purchase goods and services, or even which employers to pursue a career with. There are many benefits to investing in a corporate social responsibility strategy including: 

  • Business growth – potential to access new customers and improve tender submissions. 
  • Recognition and Profile – a means to generate a positive brand awareness.  
  • Workforce Development – an opportunity to motivate and retain existing workforce whilst attracting future employees.  
  • Cost savings – reduced staff turnover, reduced costs as a result of environmental polices e.g. reduced packaging or energy usage.  
Getting involved in Community Planning Aberdeen also offers some unique opportunities for Businesses in the City: