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Development Manager: Colin Wright 


Read the South Locality Plan by clicking here

The Torry Hub is being designed to include a primary school and early years provision with capacity for 430-plus pupils, a community hub, a cafe, a library, a community space and access to a range of service at the site of the old Torry Academy.

Now, Aberdeen City Council is at the detailed design and development phase which means looking at the detail of the of what should be provided from the Hub, as well as making sure that the design meets the purpose of the building and the needs of everyone who will be using.

Please click the below link to access more information and find out how to take part in the online consultation. The design element of the consultation has now closed, but you can still have your say on the services/facilities you feel should be included.

Use the online consultation to share your views and engage with the views of others by visiting this link >>>

Please click here for more information on planning >>> 

Are you thinking about becoming a Community Representative on the Torry Partnership? 

There is a rolling invite for all community members to come along, see whats on the agenda, have the opportunity to ask questions and assess whether you would still like to become a rep – with no obligation to join. 

See below for future meeting dates!

We hope to see you (virtually) at the next one! If you would like more information, please email Jade on

Torry Priority Neighbourhood Partnership Meeting Information

Delayed start to meetings this year due to Covid-19

20th May 2021 – Agenda & Minutes 

8th July 2021- Agenda & Minutes 

17th July 2021 – Special Meeting for South Locality Plan – Agenda & Minutes 

24h August 2021 – Special Meeting for ETZ – Minutes 

12th October 2021 – Agenda & Minutes will be approved at next meeting

30th November 2021 –

15th January 2020 –  Agenda & Minutes 

26th February 2020 – Agenda & Minutes to be approved 

8th April 2020 – Cancelled due to Covid-19

20th May 2020 – Cancelled due to Covid-19

17th June 2020 – Cancelled due to Covid-19

15th July 2020 – Cancelled due to Covid-19

2nd Sept 2020 – Cancelled due to Covid-19

7th Oct 2020 – Agenda & Minutes

18th Nov 2020 – Agenda & Minutes 

9th January 2019 – Agenda & Minutes

20th February 2019 – Agenda & Minutes

24th April 2019 –  Agenda & Minutes

5th June 2019 – Agenda & Minutes 

17th July 2019 –  Agenda & Minutes 

28th August 2019 – Agenda , Heat Net Presentation & Minutes 

9th October 2019 – Agenda & Minutes

20th November 2019 – Agenda & Minutes to follow after approval at 15/01/20 meeting

14th November 2018 – Agenda  &  Minutes

3rd October 2018 –  Agenda & Minutes

22nd August 2018 – Agenda, PowerPoint Presentation & Minutes

24th July 2018- EGM Community Hub & Phoenix Update – Agenda & Minutes

20th June 2018 – Agenda & Minutes

2nd May 2018- Agenda & Minutes

28th March 2018 – Agenda & Minutes

7th February 2018- Agenda & Minutes

29th November 2017-  Agenda & Minutes

11th October 2017 – Agenda & Minutes

30th August 2017 – Agenda & Minutes

21st June 2017 – Agenda & Minutes

27th April 2017  – Agenda &  Minutes